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Kunitsyn Fedor Ivanovich.
I was born in 1951 in PRC (town Yakeshi). In 1954 my family and I moved in Kazakhstan, where I finished high education. Later I was at arms in Soviet Army of ZabVO. In 1973 I went at art school of the name Vlasov in Astrakhan and then I moved in Uglich.

I worked as the graphic designer in studios in the department of culture of Uglich district. All these years I devote myself to easel painting, take part in art exhibits in such cities as Uglich, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Moscow. I exhibited my paintings to the public in Kostroma in 1991, in Arkhangelsk in 1995, in historical and art museum of the town Rybinsk in 1996. In 1998 there was the exhibition in group of Uglich artists in the following cities: Lana (Italy), Idshtayn (Germany), Olde (Germany). In 2002 there was my personal art exhibit in gallery of "Union of Creativity" in the stratified control architecture of Moscow.

In 2003 I allied in the "Union of Artists" in Yaroslavl's organization of the Union of Artists of Russia. Pictorial paintings have been bought in abroad, also in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Uglich and other Russian cities. Two paintings have been purchased by Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.
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